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Delivery Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to be at home to receive my delivery?

We ship by Parcelforce Express 24 service, which is a signed for service.  You should arrange for someone to be at the delivery address to receive the parcel from the courier, as the driver is not allowed to leave the parcel without a signature, or a sign that someone has accepted receipt of the parcel.

What time will my order arrive?

Your order will normally be delivered between 9.00 a.m. and 5.00 p.m. on the day after the parcel is shipped from our farm. Very occasionally, particularly close to Christmas, our carriers will extend their delivery window to cope with increased workload and traffic. We would therefore always suggest that if you need the items for a particular event, consider taking delivery a day or two in advance. 

How will my order be packed?

All perishable items will be packed in an insulated cool box; it will also include ice packs as necessary, so your goods will be kept at the perfect temperature for up to 72 hours from the time of dispatch. Please note, the ice packs (which are literally just frozen filtered water) will thaw gradually during transit - this is how they keep the product cool. Please do not be concerned if you find that some or all of the ice has melted when your parcel arrives.

Who will deliver my parcel?

Courier deliveries are made by our carrier Parcelforce.

Can I track my delivery?

Yes. We will send you a tracking number when we ship your parcel, and you will be able to track it on  

Where do you deliver?

We can deliver to any UK address (except Jersey and Guernsey and other Channel Islands) but some locations may have special delivery requirements and incur increased delivery charges. Your delivery charge will be calculated automatically when you checkout, and will depend on the value of your order and the delivery location. Be sure to input a UK postcode correctly with a space in the middle e.g. BT30 9BL to ensure the software displays all the delivery options available to you.

Do you deliver overseas?

Unfortunately, no. We have learnt that perishable items do not lend themselves to overseas delivery.

How will my food keep cool enough in transit?

All our foods are individually packaged in heavy duty strength insulated polystyrene boxes. We also use ice packs to ensure the goods stay in refrigerated temperatures during transit. We have been doing this successfully for many years now. Please note, the ice packs (which are literally just frozen filtered water) will thaw gradually during transit - this is how they keep the product cool. Please do not be concerned if you find that some or all of the ice has melted when your parcel arrives.

Will the delivery driver be able to find me?

Our carrier partner Parcelforce, will locate your property using your postcode as it is registered with Royal Mail or Google Maps. As long as your address comes up on either of these, the driver should have no problem finding where you are.

If you know your property is particularly difficult to identify (perhaps the signage is confusing, you have more than one drive, or you share access with someone else?) please call our customer service team. In extreme circumstances we can even add written instructions to the outside of the box!

On the odd occasion the Parcelforce driver does have difficulty finding an address, firstly they will try to call you if you have given a mobile telephone number when you placed your order. This is why it is important that you input the phone number of the person who is receiving the parcel at the delivery address – the Parcelforce driver needs the recipients phone number, not the sender’s phone number

How much do you charge for delivery?

Our delivery charges are shown on the DELIVERY CHARGES page.

Why can't you deliver on a Monday?

Unfortunately, there are normally no collections by our courier company on Sundays for an overnight delivery on Monday.

On receipt of your order

Our products are securely packed to enable them to be sent to you by post or carrier. Although they are well able to withstand the relatively short spell that they spend on their way to you, chilled goods should be transferred to your fridge as soon as possible after receipt. Alternatively, if you wish to freeze any items from your order this should be done as soon as possible. See each separate product label for their storage instructions.

Generally speaking, products that have been vacuum packed are best left in their vacuum pack until you are ready to use them. Once the vacuum is opened however, the packaging should be discarded and the items re-wrapped in a more suitable material. When you first take products out of a vacuum pack you may notice a slight odour, this is perfectly normal.

Please note that any shelf-life quoted on chilled items is based on storage below 5°C. If the items are stored above this temperature, or inadequately wrapped, or if they spend lengthy periods out of refrigeration their shelf-life could be shortened considerably.

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